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A new start – October 2022


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Hello chatters!

Here is my Youtube channel update for October, a month late in the month of November.

I had a few experimental streams, with the sound being sh*t. These I will most likely delete. I do have some exciting new games that I want to play on a stream soon, though. I’m mainly retro, so don’t expect anything online yet.

Once I have a better microphone, one that can actually record audio, I will be doing some streaming of gaming stuff and some videos of IRL stuff that I can’t talk about yet, but I believe it will include some urban exploring!

Making videos of bands has gone on the backburner right now as no one watched it when I did that for a channel.

The second edition of my comic is coming, the first one is for sale now. I don’t even promote it that hard, because it’s a very Heath-Robinson production. Very lo-fi. Some people like that from comics. Other people just like to see drawings of big tits in books.

I think that just about sums up all the content that I’ve got coming up for the time being, I will post a few more videos on the Retrowave Records channel for old time’s sake in the near future, and there’s a Forza Horizon music video I did for Breakbot on the main channel.

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