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c86 reviews: June 2022


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@ nest, old town Hastings / May 28th 2022

est in old town Hastings is nice. It’s appealing to the Hanushka hipster crowd while doing some kind of good work for the local community. Probably. I didn’t bother to read the sign.

“You will remember this as the night you almost caught Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners”

The band is old-school indie recalling Midlake or Elvis Costello at times (down to the Fender Jazzmaster guitar), with sound board samples and processed beats incorporated between the songs and back-projected home movies for a techno twist.

There’s been a glut of good music out there since the paranoia of going outside your front door for the last couple of years finally abated, and many of the bands I’ve seen in Hastings since then really and truly deserve to make it to a much wider audience. If you’re in Hastings, you really owe it to yourself to go out and take in a gig – I mean, what else are you going to do, stay in and watch the Johnny Depp trial??

 pics: c86

The band hasn’t played together much for a while, and it probably shows a little with the drummer and the bassist on opposite sides of the stage appearing not to be quite on the same page at times, but that is a nitpick, because this gig is what the kids like to call “enjoyable AF.”

Al’s other outfit Somnians are also making waves on this scene, but if you prefer your music a with little more “pop”, and if you were in the old town this May night and you weren’t there, maybe one day when this band becomes a big name you will remember this as the night you almost caught Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners.

8.5 art cafés out of 10.


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